Projects (In Progress)


1. MPWSRP under Yamuna Basin M.P. Canal network about 250 KM.(cement concrete lining) 20004.00
2. Municipal Council, Dabra, Madhya Pradesh Water Supply Network Under UIDSSMT Scheme 1919.00
3. Madhya Pradesh Water Resources Department under Bundelkhand Package. 20004.00
4. Tank Linking Project Tikamgarh, WR Division Tikamgarh, Madhya Pradesh 3750.00
5. Construction of Earthen Dam with Puddle Trench Excavation and Filling, Filter Boulder Toe, Pitching, Head Sluice, West Weir, Approach Road & all other components of Shyamri Medium Tank Project (Chhaterpur) Madhya Pradesh 1828.68
6. Construction of Earthen Dam with all components and construction of overflow central spillway with all concern components of redial gate including design, drawing, fabrication and fixing of Pawai Medium Canal Irrigation Project Distt. Panna. 7913.16
7. Construction of feeder, Narayanpura minor and sub minor including earthwork, structures, canal lining and aqueduct at rd 9450m of canal of pawai medium irrigation tank scheme. Distt. Panna 7062.95
8. Construction of Tarped main canal with distribution system with structure etc on Turnkey basis 2674.53
9. Planning, design-drawing, estimation, and construction on turnkey basis for creating additional 10000 ha command area from barna project's left bank main canal in Bareli and Udaypura Tehsil of Raisen district, by constructing feeder canal and its distributaries and minor/subminor canals with all required hydraulic structures, including testing maintenance and running of whole canal system for two consecutive years of Rabi irrigation 6974.53
10. Earth work , C.C. lining and construction of W.B.M. road for renovation of .d-1, d-2 & d-3 of L.B.M.C of Barna Project Bari distt. Raisen (under ERM) 2227.27
11. Construction of earth work, structures and cast in-situ C.C. lining in distributaries, minors and sub-minors of disnet work of bilgaon medium project distt. Dindori for irrigation of C.C.A. 9000 ha. including running, maintenance & testing of whole canal system for 18 months or two Rabi seasons whichever is more, together with defect liability period. 5310.39
12. Water Supply Project Satwas 1497.53